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Hi and welcome to Johns Birds Breeder of Australian Parakeets, Princess of Wales, Rosellas, Red Rumps, Parrotlets, Canaries and Exotic Doves Pheasants







About Me

I started with birds after catching a pair of parakeets flying in the neighborhood when i was 9yrs old.  That was many years ago and have been hooked (no pun intented) ever since.
Now I live in Norco, California and with a lot more birds than those first two parakeets 40 years ago.


What I do

I am a proud breeder of Australian Parakeets, Some of the birds I raise are Adelaide Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas, Western Rosellas, Yellow Rosellas, Bourkes, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Turquoisine, Pacific Parrotlet, Princess of Wales, Baraband/Superb any many more.


Exercise flight for weaned babies
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